Spiritual Journey:

My Story…

I have been on an amazing spiritual journey the past few years. The Universe works in miraculous ways. I have been able to remove myself from people that are negative and who no longer serve me. I have been able to have the strength and wisdom to see how my job was sucking the energy from me and allowing negativity to flow through me.

Throughout this journey, I have gained strength, wisdom, and the courage to make positive changes in my life. I believe in Synchronicity and the Laws of Attraction. I am attractive positivity into my life and people who have similar beliefs as I do. I no longer feel like there is a weight on my shoulders, I no longer experience anxiety, and my sleep has never been better!


life is a journey

Healthy LifeStyle Journey:

My Story…..

Being a Wife, Mom, and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker should have been so rewarding to me, however it had me feeling stuck and overwhelmed. My boys are very active in sports, I had a part-time psychotherapy practice, and worked full time as a school social worker in a public middle school. Although I tried to do it all, I was stressed out, overwhelmed, tired and miserable! I missed many of my boys’ games, worked 60+ hour work weeks, skipped meals, ate poorly, wasn’t sleeping, and was full of anxiety about how I was going to “get it all done.”

When I took a look at what my goals and dreams consisted of, I knew I had to worked on getting my body in a healthy place to give me the energy I needed to get through each day. As my body became healthier and I had more energy and was sleeping better, I knew it was time to tackle my fears and anxieties to make the BIG change I was afraid to do. By releasing my fears and anxieties, it became clear to me that what I required in my life was to resign from my full time school job I had for 14 years. I was at the top of my pay scale, had a steady income, had a pension and health benefits… walking away caused me anxiety! I was so afraid to leave my comfort zone! I was so unhappy working in the school system and know it the only choice I had to create the life I deserve to have.

October 30, 2015 I DID IT!!! I resigned and walked away from the school job I felt was my “security.” I took my family to Mexico to celebrate my new venture. I felt peace, relaxed, and HEALTHY both physically and emotionally! I KNEW it was the right time and the right move to leave school. The 200 pound weight on my shoulders had lifted and disappeared. I had never been more sure of anything in my life!

Since resigning, the relationship with myself, my family, friends and spirituality have improved. I have never slept better in my life, my feeling of stress and anxiety is gone, and I LOOK healthy! My businesses have exploded! I am so grateful I listened to my inner voice to achieve my dreams and goals! I am manifesting abundance in my life and attracting positivity! I AM CREATING MY LIFE ON MY TERMS AND LIVING MY DREAMS!  

           I am Healthy From the Inside Out!

Healthy Body Journey:

My Story….

The phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words” really hit home for me when I saw a photograph of myself. I have always worked out and ate healthy, and thought I was is “ok” shape, until I saw an embarrassing picture of myself. It was at that point that I decided to take a different approach.

meIn June 2012, I spoke to my Zumba instructor about Nutritional Cleansing and in 30 days I lost 20 pounds, 53 inches and found the lean muscle that had been hiding all those years under a layer of fat! (I knew it was under there somewhere!)

My sleep improved, my energy level increased, and I felt overall HEALTHY! I have since ran several 5K’s, Mudman X, Rugged Maniac, and look forward to my boot camp workouts! I have transformed myself physically, emotionally, and financially!

I am forever grateful I found Nutritional Cleansing !!

I have transformed my Body and my LifeStyle and you can too.

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